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Training Opportunities

Thanks for stopping is my honor to partner with you on your yoga journey.

Online Yoga Video

Practice in the comfort of your own home anytime with one of Rachel's carefully crafted yoga videos. Choose from her extensive online library, where you are sure to find the perfect practice to suit your needs on any given day.

Find a local class

Join Rachel at Lighthouse Yoga or Oto Float  for the magic of practicing in community with like minded individuals. Together we will shine our light!


Wed : 9:30am Vinyasa Flow @Lighthouse

Fri:10:30am Gentle/Restorative @Lighthouse

Sun: 11am Vinyasa Flow @Lighthouse

Meditation Courses : @Oto Float

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Private Instruction

No two bodies are alike, therefore, no two yoga practices are alike. Do you need to heal an injury, reduce chronic pain, sleep better, build strength, find more flexibility or have any specific yoga questions? Then a private lesson with Rachel is perfect! She will design a practice catered to your body and your needs. Treat yourself to a private 30 or 60 minute lesson, you deserve it!